Monday, June 15, 2009

The advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane

Most of people like to travel any place.Travelling by plane has many advantages.Air travel is one of the fastest way of travelling on our planet.For example,when travelling to the same destination,a ship can take monthly while a plane will only take hours.Obviously,speed is the number one advantage for travelling in an air plane.Also,temperatures are kept to a comfortable level,entertainment may be available.You can choose to listen music,watch videos and others on an air plane.The level of comfort also depends on the type of seats that you have bought tickets.However,it is very fast and comfortable kind of travelling,good services,100% relax and this flying is fun for the passengers.

Beside thats,travelling by plane also has many disadvantages.Firstly,from aspect financial aspect,everyone know,the price of airplane tickets very expensive.So,if you want to travel in by plane,you must have more budget because the price of airplane tickets so expensive. Secondly,through the travelling by plane also can will be make a trouble system of ears.For example,we can have a health problems.It is very dangerous for human because can give effects for health and life.

Despite the disadvantages,I prefer travelling by plane.I feel more relaxed when I reach my destination and I have amazing trip when i travelling by plane.