Saturday, June 13, 2009


First of all, travelling by plane has many advantages. There are no stressful traffic jams, and plane are fast and comfortable. Also, it can save your time and you also can use the time in different ways. For example, you can sit, read, have your meal, or just watch the world especially the sea from the window during the boarding time. On the other hand, the services is also good and all steward and stewardess are friendly.

However, by plane also has some disadvantages. Firstly, the ticket is too expensive and the plane is sometimes delayed. Secondly, you have to wait when you want to get back our baggages and you also have to travel at certain times because of the weather. Planes are also cannot take you from the door to door. For example, you need a bus or a taxi to take you to the airport. you also cannot use the electrical things such as handphone, laptop, and video game during the boarding time.

Despite to the disadvantages, I prefer travelling by car because it is cheap and I can drive by myself wherever i want to go.


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